Phone Repairs

At Sort My Crack we can repair a number of mobile phone models from iPhones, Android phones to Windows Phones. We can also help fix iPads.

If you have a damaged phone which isn’t on our book a repair page, please fill in the form to the left, and we will get back to you with a quote on how we can help you repair your phone. Please fill in as much detail as you can regarding your phones problem.

Water Damaged Devices

If your mobile phone has been water damaged, don’t worry as we can guarantee 50% of water damaged phones can be saved.

If you have had your phone water damaged the first thing you do is turn it off and don’t try to turn it on again until we have completely dried it out.

Water damaged phone repair at Sudbury iPhone Repairs costs £45 but keep in mind you only have a 50/50 chance to save your device.